the vision

looking beyond the present to shape a new customer experience

A forward thinking project for Spreadshirt by White

How can we use business values to drive digital experiences beyond 2013

Supporting the foundations

The engagement began by recognising opportunities to drive alignment across the business. A unified visual language phase was initiated to align the interface foundations across touch points and solidify the consistency of Spreadshirts digital offering.

By recognising the brands core values and what matters to the customer, we could shape a set of guidelines to talor the experience to suit the user.

Having a structure in place to drive alignment, the goal was to improve the efficiency and consistency of internal design and build sprints. This would immediately improve short term consistency across the platform, but also allow for an understanding phase to begin. Here we begin to create more visionary concepts in line with Spreadshirts brand values.

Rapid prototyping of new navigation models helped us to leverage Spreadshirts unique offering.

Cross platform engagement

Our focus from here on in was to develop a series of prototypes to demonstrate new browsing and purchasing concepts.

When reviewing the current landscape and user data, we looked to find opportunities to create a delightful user experience, regardless of device. Multiple cross platform prototypes were created to demonstrate how a some-what unconventional e-commerce flow could lend itself to the Spreadshirt model.

We began to create and develop unique brand interactions and behaviours to make the experience entirely unique. New visual elements were created which helped to coach and guide new users through the prototype. The marraige between the design and the platform behaviour gave a fun, intuitive and powerful result.

Visualising multiple engagement strategies helped us pin point how we can make every Spreadshirt experience delightful and simple.

After a busy summer of product launches and service refinements, the long term focus is to drive alignment and consistency, across all channels.

A vision of a new end to end experience circulating internally will help drive innovation within the business. Under the correct leadership, this vision could soon be realised and Spreadshirt will solidify their position as a major player in the apparel e-commerce sector.