I forget

a simple deadline reminder application for students

A product by White

Can we create something that every student will use as an academic tool to help manage thier deadlines?

Our solution

We began by asking ourselves how we can help keep students and professionals upto date and aware of all the deadlines they may have at any given time.

Focusing predominantly on university students, our focus was to create an application that could ensure even time distribution and focus to individual projects based on their impending deadline.

We felt that creating a simple and intituitive interface was key. To give focus on a task, we only want to show the user what's important, whether that's viewing the remaining days of a deadline or show how to edit your project.

Our primary goal is to keep the user in the know. By scheduling flexible and timely reminders for individual projects, the user is always aware and reminded before a deadline is due.

Keeping you in the know - Native reminders show regularly to keep you upto date with all your projects.

Design and development

A driving force behind the applications effortless simplicity is the choreography between tasks. Once a user adds and saves a new project, progression is indicated by the entire page sliding to the left. For actions such as deleting projects or going back, the page slides to the right.

By focusing around single actions or tasks, we can ensure users are not distracted by any chrome or irrelevant actions. However, continuation and going back a step is clear and always sign-posted.

Animation and sound were utilised to give additional user feedback and add an element of fun. When a user taps on a project, each panel 'pops' and falls in from the top of the screen.

A simple and elegant solution. I Forget will soon be available for iOS and Android smartphones.

What began with a morning around a whiteboard, we have developed a full native build including a custom notification system. Once testing is complete, the application will be rolled out across both native app stores.

We hope that we can stay true to the early vision behind the project and keep students in the know. For continued reading, the extended version of this study is available here.